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Candle-licious candles are 100% hand crafted. We began pouring candles in our kitchen back in Elgin, IL about 12 years ago. Each candle is poured using a very unique formula and a special pouring technique. We developed a wax blend that allows us to add more fragrance oil than most other candles you can buy. This proprietary blend actually makes our candles very different than anything else on the market. Pick up one of our votives, you can ?feel? the fragrance oil, it is unbelievable. Our unique pouring process is truly genius, and sets our candles apart from all other hand crafted candles. We make a candle that burns clean, burns long, burns with an incredibly bright flame, and adds rich aroma to your home like no other.

We love burning candles. For years we bought what we thought were scented candles. But when we burned them, we didn?t smell anything. Sometimes, if we burned five or six candles at a time, we would notice a faint aroma, but overall, used candles mainly for ambiance.

We researched the art and science of crafting wax candles, made candles, researched more, and started experimenting. We believed we could create a candle that would make our home smell as wonderful as it made it look. We did.

Thanks mainly to the encouragement of our family and close friends, they kept after us to offer our candles for sale to others. Our friends really do deserve credit. Thank you for burning our candles and providing invaluable feedback to help us make the perfect candle. Thank you for testing scents and burn times and putting up with the bad and the ?not so bad.? Honest feedback is what makes a good tester. Not being shy about stating your observations about how the candles burn and how they smelled.

As we add new scents and new products to our line of premium candles, we ask that all of our customers be honest. Let us know what is working and what is not. We test burn a candle from every batch, but we ?are human? and mistakes can and will happen. Please don?t hesitate to let us know if you experience a problem with any product you buy from us.

As always, feedback, comments, questions, and suggestions are welcomed and appreciated.
When you love your candle, tell a friend... if you have a problem with your candle, tell us.

Warmest regards,

Candle-licious candles are hand made and sold by:

Life Stone Aromas LLC
634a E Lincoln Way.
Morrison, IL
1-847-488-9982 (yes, we were able to keep our original phone number)
Outside of the 312/773/630/708/847/815 area codes call tollfree 1-800-880-9852

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?Unshared joy is an unlit candle.?

    Spanish proverb

?You know you?re getting old when the candles cost more than the cake.?

    Bob Hope